Bargain Capture eCommerce Store Set Up

Bargain Capture team approached us in hopes that we can help them not only build a nice looking eCommerce store but also help them create some content as well. The goal of the layout was to provide a clean and trustworthy look, which we have executed very well.

Just by changing the layout sales for the store doubled. Customers were trusting the store more and were happy with an ease of navigation. When you add a lot of small things together, the effect on the big picture can be massive!

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Simple but attractive product pages

Simplicity is one of the most underrated things when it comes to website design. If your website is cluttered, has a ton of “super cool” graphics, there is a high chance that your customers get distracted when visiting your website and you are missing sales.

We keep our websites clean and simple but yet professional and attractive at the same time. We stick to our time tested formula of how to build websites that convert well and leave a very good impression on its visitors.

BroadSpec Consulting creating product videos as well

Research shows that your product has a much higher chance of converting if it has a video in the description versus the case when it doesn’t. Knowing that ourselves, we offered to create Bargain Capture store a product video demonstrating their best selling product.

After uploading the video to the website orders more than tripled. The simple reason could be just the fact that when people watch the product demonstration video, they can now see themselves using the product from first person’s point of view.

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