A Complete Gym Management Solution

Web app:


  • Quick view of important Gym modules.
  • Different reports for management.
  • Calendar with important events and notices.

Gym member module

  • Record a complete record of gym subscriber
  • Add vital measurement for each member
  • Keep track of member physical statistic

Workout module admin

  • Trainer can create a workout schedule for members
  • Option to add sets, reps, weight for each activity
  • Option to add date range for workout

Membership module

  • Admin can define different membership plans
  • Membership price management
  • Define membership period for each plan

Trainer module

  • Add different gym staff from admin
  • Trainer, accountant, Admin and Gym members role
  • Manage staff details and their specialities.

Workout module – member

  • member can view assigned workout
  • member can log the daily workout at gym
  • trainer can manage and view members daily workout activity

Activity module

  • manage activities available in the gym
  • add activities like yoga, aerobics, legs curl and so on.
  • assign activities to membership plan
  • assign activities to gym staff and members

Nutrition module

  • Prepare and assign nutrition plan to members
  • Plan validity with date range
  • manage nutrition for each day for each member

Attendance module

  • manage staff attendance
  • manage members presence
  • take attendance for each batch-group-class

Group module

  • create and manage member groups
  • group members as per activity
  • assign trainer to a group

Notice module

  • make important announcements
  • stick notice to calendar
  • manage all notice from admin

Message module

  • admin can send message to all members,
  • admin can send message to all staff & members

Account module

  • manage income and expenses
  • manage members fees
  • payment report

Report module

  • generate reports by membership plans
  • generate payments- income report
  • track members availability by date

Class module

  • class management
  • add members to class to make morning or evening batch
  • member list by class

Facility management module

  • record all facilities available in the gym
  • book the facility for any event or class
  • manage reservations for the facility

Newsletter module

  • mailchimp integration
  • push from gym system to mailchimp

Payment module

  • manage all payments
  • record all expenses
  • record partial payments

Store module

  • manage products in system
  • sell products to members and keep record
  • manage inventory

Online membership payments

  • accept membership fees via paypal
  • send feed intimation – invoice to member
  • payment history and generate report

Invoice module

  • Manage, generate and print invoices

Expenses module

Mobile app:

Dashboard view:

  • Check your daily health report

Workout list:

  • Workout tracker helps members stick with their goals

Attendance view:

  • Track progress via calendar

Report view:

  • Get fit and healthy with a day by day fitness report

Class lists view:

  • Personalized class list view that helps optimize  workout time

Nutrition schedule:

  • Helps you eat better and get healthier

Groups list:

  • displays groups with members

View member:

  • Displays member full details

Membership list:

  • See membership packages

Fee payment:

  • Display the fee payments with invoice

Reservation list:

  • Display reservation list with event details

Subscription history:

  • Personalized subscriptions helps you manage your subscription

Assign date list:

  • Display the schedule date wise

Class schedules:

  • Displays gym class schedule with date and time
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