Growing Instagram Accounts Organically

How we helped @ignastym4 go from 500 followers to 41K followers in 1.5 years with completely organic growth.

BroadSpec Consulting proudly presents @ignastym4 Instagram account

Since the car community on Instagram is very close, there can be a lot of relationships made through organic growth of a car account. What started off as a competition with a friend, turned into a passion which lead to a lot of new opportunities and relationships for our client.

Due to moral reasons and the purpose of a car social media account, buying fake followers and “faking till you make it” was not an option when it came to @ignastym4 account. All of the growth was completely organic while using very honest and time-tested tactics.

There were no paid shoutouts, but that didn’t stop the posts getting reposted by huge accounts such as @bmw  @carlifestyle @carinstagram @carvideos, and many more!

We are not limited to car accounts, since Instagram works the same way for others as well. If you have a local business, an eCommerce site, are an influencer or are want to grow your own brand’s presence on Instagram, we can help you to get the following you deserve at the lowest possible cost.

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