Through this Farm Management Application users can manage administrational and financial activities. In this system there are modules like Supplier Management, Client Management, Staff Management through which user can manage the human resources and other aspects of a farm.

The app is fully responsive so it can be used on pc’s/laptops, tablets and phones. It can, without any problem be packed as a Android custom app. The color scheme and the outline is set to default parameters but can be adjusted based on clients requests. The app is fully developed by us and directions for its development where collected from farmers. Due to the difference in every farm and the different methods every farmer is using we can proudly say that we are open for customizations and further development so the end results can be adapted to the every farms needs.

The idea behind the app is every farmer to be able to easily track his administrative and financial activities. The system itself is giving the farmer insights at a glance about the livestock, purchases and sales. From the platform farmer can set vaccines and track the food history as well as grouping of sheds. Tracking of vaccinations is one of the most important things mentioned by all farmers with whom we spoke so we made it easy to do so by utilizing this application.

We are open for any proposals for further development of the app. Our goal is to continuously improve usability and user experience. Our goal is to make the most comprehensive LiveStock management system and at the same time to become a trustful partner with the farmers.


See all your farm in one screen. Get instant information about purchases, sales, expenses, total clients, total livestock, total products, total suppliers and information about each shed.

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Sheds module is giving the farmer the ability to see all of the sheds and assign livestock types to them. Farmer can set age and purchase date. Shed’s name with additional data is listed for easy reference.

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Vaccination module is really a really powerful tool that’s included with this system. The farmer can add vaccination of sheds, enter the name of the vaccine,  enter last and next date of the vaccination and enter its duration. After the vaccinations are added there is a list view where the farmer can see all his entries and edit them if needed. Note: if required we can make the system send emails reminding the farmer that vaccination is due.

Vaccination details can be listed in Vaccine module.

New Vaccination can be made by clicking on ‘add new Vaccine’ button.

Livestock vaccination tracking software web app mobile app

Food History

In this module the farmer is able to add the date, food consumption, livestock quantity that consumed food. Average food consumption is pre-calculated and the farmer can ad a note to this entry. After adding this data the farmer is able to easily see the full history of his farm’s food consumption.


Under this module the farmer is able to list all of the production. Available data to be stored is product code, product name, date, category, cost, product price, quantity, type and any notes necessary.

Farm production tracking software

Human Resources

Human resources consist of three different modules

  • Client Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Staff Management

Expense Management

Expense Management was implemented so that the user can easily track espenses. To do so they have to first create expense categories. To each expense categories they can add notes. Adding expense is a two part process – first one is to create the expense – data needed here is date, category, amount and notes (what was the expense for). After that he can see it in the pay section since not all expenses are paid right away. User can then mark the expenses as paid.

Expense management system for farmers


Every product is going to be under category. To add a sale client should be listed under the clients data. This is really powerful because the farmer has an insight which client is buying what product and sales predictions can be made. Partial payments are made possible too since a lot of time clients are paying some amount upfront and after delivery they are clearing the payment. Amount due is automatically calculated and will be shown in the invoice.

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